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Occupational Health

AMC has the resources and flexibility to tailor services to meet your needs for worker care, either at your location or at our medical centre in San Fernando. Our medical centre offers a full range of injury treatment and management and can provide any type of physical examination with a 24 to 48-hour turnaround.


  1. Executive Medicals 

  2. Pre – Employment Medicals 

  3. Annual Medicals 

  4. Insurance Medicals 

  5. OGUK Certification

  6. Drug and Alcohol Testing (incl. onsite testing)

  7. Lab Services

  8. Visa Medicals for expats

  9. Precept and Firearm Medicals

  10. Emergency Services

  11. Fit to work

  12. EAP Services

  13. Workplace Health and Surveillance

  14. Confined Space Testing


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