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GSG HDRI Studio Pack 1.8 For Cinema 4D (April-2022)




Set the render priority to Hard and create a lighting scenario that simulates your film set perfectly. There’s a lot to say about Motion Mechanics — but if you just want to use it, there’s no need to read this tutorial. If you decide to read on, you’ll learn how to take advantage of the many extra features in Motion Mechanics in order to create beautiful effects. What is Motion Mechanics? Motion Mechanics is a software plugin that helps you create high-quality images of sets from games, films, commercials and more. Motion Mechanics is part of the Highly Responsive Images (HRI) family. You can use it with other plugins for VFX or animation. When you work with HRI family plugins, you have access to a variety of features that let you create the images of the scenes you shoot with a certain finesse. Motion Mechanics is a special case. It brings a whole new level of flexibility and versatility to you. It’s an essential plugin if you want to take your VFX work to the next level. Motion Mechanics Features In Motion Mechanics, you have access to different tools that let you create professional-quality images of your set. Let’s see which ones they are. To start creating a scene, you’ll need to define the basic settings for your set. For example, you’ll need to decide which room you’ll render, and what type of scene you want to capture. In this case, we’ll be rendering the set of Gravity in a school. To help you create professional images, you’ll have access to the following features: Advanced lighting in real time. Geometry and material properties from real scenes. Real-time lighting tools that let you simulate multiple sources of light in real time. Import 3D references, or objects from reality. Material properties for amazing reflections and bevels. An extensive library of ready-to-use references. High-quality 3D scene elements. Motion Mechanics Export The workflow in Motion Mechanics is really easy to use. You can go from one room to the next quickly and effortlessly. There are some examples of the different types of scenes you can render. Let’s take a look at the results of a render in Motion Mechanics. As you can see, Motion Mechanics allows




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GSG HDRI Studio Pack 1.8 For Cinema 4D (April-2022)

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