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We aim to improve the health of communities by providing quality services that adhere to the highest standards of care and clinical excellence.


We are a group of caring professionals who inspire love, hope and trust.

Core Values - Excellence in C.A.R.I.N.G.


CompassionWe have a deep empathy for the suffering and a profound understanding of the medical concerns of others. More than this, we are driven by the need to promptly respond.


Accountability - We operate on all three levels of accountability: personal, professional and organisational.


Respect - We treat all with dignity, fairness and courtesy, and value their viewpoints, talents and expertise.


Integrity - Knowing and doing what is right regardless. It requires doing the right thing the first time and every time.


Neighbourliness - We believe in being a good corporate neighbour.


Growth - We believe in quality growth and financial sustainability.


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