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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the medical consultations include?
    BMI Measurements Near and Distant Basic Eye Test Ear, Nose and Throat Examinations Pulse and Blood Pressure Measurement Musculoskeletal Examination Members with TECU/Guardian as their primary health plan, pay no upfront costs. If you are interested in a package outside of your division, additional costs will apply.
  • How can I find out my Division?
    Call T'Shura Maraj of Acropolis Medical at 750-2825 OR you can contact the Health Plan Team at TECU. 800-TECU (8328) ext. 2376/2377 or
  • Can you explain the process?
    Contact Acropolis Medical (T'Shura Maraj) at 750-2825. Have your Guardian card close at hand. Acropolis will verify and book you in for your medical. This process takes about seven (7) days. Once you are fully covered, you DO NOT PAY anything.
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